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  • Intuitive Massage

  • Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

  • Healing Petrified Wood Massage

  • Sacred Lomi Massage

  • Crystal Chakra Balancing

  • Reflexology

  • Signature Sacred Soul Package



Intuitive MassageAre you stressed? Full of tension? Or do you have chronic aches and pains? This bodywork session is intuitively guided to help you find peace & balance through a variety of techniques ranging from relaxing Swedish and energy healing, to cupping and more.  60 min $70 .... 90 min $100

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage Chronic tension and pain generally requires deeper work, focusing on specific muscle tissues and working to bring the surrounding structures back into alignment. Utilizing medical and clinical massage techniques like trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, PNF, cupping and more.  60 min $80 .... 30 min $40

Healing Petrified Wood Massage This deeply grounding and relaxing session uses smooth petrified wood palm stones to massage the body while infusing the sessions with healing energy. Expect to feel grounded and centered, with inner peace and clarity radiating throughout your being.   60 min $70 .... 90 min $100

Sacred Lomi Massage~ This deeply relaxing massage encourages inner peace as you experience being anointed with sacred oils, creating a sacred space within. As you flow through this session, you are guided on an inward journey offering healing by unlocking the blockages found within the  mind, body and soul. 75 min $100

Crystal Chakra Balancing~ Experience deep peace & relaxation as crystals are placed along the chakras and you receive an infusion of energy & massage. The stones are read at the end of the session to help you understand the healing and messages your chakras hold for you. 60 min $70 ...90 min $100

Reflexology~ treat your feet with this holistic reflexology treatment. Specially blended aromatic oils are used to invigorate and rejuvenate tired feet, while massage specific points initiates healing on multiple levels. The hour long session includes a foot scrub and hot towel treatment to make it a truly memorable experience. 30 min... $30 ...60 min $60

Signature Sacred Soul Package~ Do you need to recharge and reconnect with yourself? This special package begins with a smudge ceremony to cleanse and purify your energy body. Feel your tension fade away during your intuitive bodywork session, blending the perfect amount of energy healing and massage, just for you. Crystals and essential oils are added to enhance your experience, allowing you to fully relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. 90 min $110

Energy Healing & Coaching

Shamanic Reiki~ Do you need help with spiritual growth? Has your energy been feeling off? Shamanic reiki blends ancient shamanic practices with reiki energy healing to release energetic blockages and negative attachments, while infusing the body with positive energy. Nourish your spirit as you balance your chakras and revive your aura. Regular healing sessions may include a variety of different healing treatments. 60 min $70 ... 90 min $100          

  • Shamanic Animal Totem Journey~ Have you wanted to experience a shamanic journey and meet your totem animal? You'll be safely guided through the process of traveling through different realms and learn how to recognize and access your animal totem in this interactive coaching session. 

  • Karmic Release~ Have you been stuck in repeating patterns or situations in your life? This coaching session will guide you to releasing behavioral patterns, attachments and negative beliefs that hold you back from reaching your full potential. Energy healing techniques will help you access your Akashic records on this healing journey.

  • Akashic Healing~ This holographic DNA healing session guides you to creating a healed version of yourself. Once we recognize the areas of dis-ease in the body we can begin to shift and transform the energy, allowing for healing to occur at an energetic level.

Vibrational Energy Healing tuning forks and singing bowls are used throughout the session to bring balance and harmony back to the body through energetic frequency. From planetary vibration to Solfeggio tones, this vibrational healing session embodies a multitude of techniques and is enhanced with Reiki & crystals. 60 min $60 .... 30 min $30

Sacred Soul Coaching
 We all need a little help on our healing journey. This sessions can be scheduled as a stand alone or as a package to help you with your spiritual growth and personal transformation. Together we will tap into the energy surrounding you and help you discover the best ways to continue moving forward on your path. 60 min $50 .... 30 min $25

Sacral Healing Package~ Do you suffer from sacral chakra issues like a disconnect from your sense of self, reproductive issues or lack that spark? This session focuses on deep healing of sacral chakra, including the shamanic peruvian Rite of the Womb ceremony, crystal healing, shamanic reiki, and a sacral attuned singing bowl to realign your energy and facilitate healing. 90 min $110

Sacred Soul Healing Arts

Jena Skai Rowland, LMBT 6986

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NC Licensed Massage Bodywork Therapist 6986, RYT 200, Shamanic Reiki Master Certified Teacher, Crystal Healer, Sacred Soul Coach  

Jena’s journey into energy healing began almost 20 years ago as a teen living in Hawaii. Surrounded by culture steeped in ancient traditions, she realized we are much more than just our bodies and began to focus on mind, body and spirit centered living. While there she studied astrology, aromatherapy, herbalism, shamanism, crystal healing, oracle reading and mediumship. After moving to NC in 2001, she experienced Reiki for the first time and was amazed at the deeply profound peace she felt within. She knew immediately it was something she had to learn and share with the world. She graduated from Carteret Community College with a degree in Therapeutic Massage and was on a mission of healing others. After spending many years as a massage therapist, Jena started to experience injuries of her own from years of hard work. She looked to yoga to help restore her body and found it offered so much more. The path of yoga rekindled her spirit and initiated yet another life transformation. She weaves energy healing throughout all of her sessions to spark a deeper connection within, creating a shift into a higher state of awareness and offer healing for the mind, body and soul.