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PSOAS WORKSHOP with Susan Cheatham

What is the Psoas? It is your core and the guide wires that hold you up. It is a massive muscle, 16 inches long that directly links the rib cage and the trunk with the legs. Can you see it? No, its mostly hidden underneath the pelvic girdle subtle and deep. It is powerful and could be scary to unravel. Why is that? It has to do with survival and creativity issues and our life style.

The iliopsoas muscle has the deepest instinctual qualities of energy in the human being. It is the place where you ground yourself. It is the beginning of where all movement is initiated in your body. It could be thought of as our abdominal brain.

The psoas resides where our gut feelings are felt and energetically a center for our personal power and the control of feelings. John Muir says “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world”. And so it is with this muscle is key to freedom of all your movements. The pain in your hip could be that psoas is contracted. Like a kite connected to its tail and it affects the flying balance. Will it stay up or fall down? Let’s stretch out the psoas and see what will be revealed.

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