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SoS CIRCLE with Heide Beaupre

She fell
She crashed
She broke
She cried
She crawled
She hurt
She surrendered
And then…..

Sound familiar? Inspired by the Goddess Revival, Sisterhood Celebrations and Gathering of Wild Woman, Sisters, YOUR cries have been heard!!! 

Sshh listen… your mind can you hear her? In your body can you feel her restless stirring? Is your Soul whispering to you, beckoning you to come hOMe. This is the call your Soul has been aching for. You are invited to enter a Sacred Circle of Healing with your Sisters where their is a sharing of stories, ceremony, yoga, ritual, dancing, meditation, and chanting. Incorporated together, unified as One, these beautiful practices will create space to empower you to heal and transform your own life. When we allow the beauty of life to shine through, our Sacred Circle becomes a celebration of gratitude and invitation for more blessings. 

Please join us. Come sit and play for a while. Surround yourSelf with women who will lift you up rather than tear you down. It is encouraged that you come experience for yourself how much true beauty in your presence. 


***This is a spiritual circle, ALL belief systems are welcome***Come as you are in this very mOMent and we will grow…. together***

More details to come….until then Shine On Sister. Namaste

Gathering Cost $22.00
Sunday October 22, 2017

This month’s gathering is being led by Heide Beaupre who is a Holistic Therapist that incorporates yoga, massage, and energy modalities in her practice SoSacred Therapy. She is an intuitive healer that has taken what she initially felt were her “curses” shined a whole bunch of light on them and now sees them as her gifts, which in turn she enjoys sharing with you. When you ask her who she is, her first response would be that she is a mother first and foremost. However, Heide Beaupre is also a writer and is slowly coming into her public speaking role guiding woman back to their true Selves and creating space within the mind, body and heart-space, so that they are able see themselves as she is able to see them, as they truly are….SoSacred.