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In August we had a solar eclipse, in September we experienced three hurricanes swirling around the Atlantic, and we all saw what the forces of nature can do. In David Frawley's book, Ayurveda and the Mind, he states that we live in a magical world filled with great forces of life and death, creation and destruction. These events are reasons to embrace greener thinking and fresh air. 

Forest Therapy or Nature Therapy creates healing and wellness through immersion in forests. Forests have a tranquilizing influence on the mind and can attune us to that missing part inside for physical wellbeing developing an emotional bond with nature. Explore nature without judgment. You will feel sensations of harmony, balance and stability. 

Our Maritime Forest at Fort Macon and the new trail just created will provide a unique opportunity we can explore and reconnect with our elemental forces. It’s a 2 hour walk in the woods. It is not a hike but a moving meditation or sometimes called mindfulness. We will explore walking slower than usual, focus solely on the moment, and discover the beauty that surrounds us in the sanctuary of this magical forest. Join us to unplug, find peace, and de-stress in the simplest way.

Fee :$20

Meet Susan by the bathouse at the first entrance on the right as you enter Fort Macon State Park, in the parking lot closest to the road. Please arrive a few minutes early to sign in with Susan. 

Raindate: November 18, 2017