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KAHI LOA I & II with Amanda Todd, PhD

You don't want to miss this unique opportunity for the Crystal Coast area! Space is limited!

Kahi Loa Day 1: Saturday noon-6pm at Uptown Yoga and
Kahi Loa Day 2: Sunday 9am-6pm (hour lunch on your own/as group somewhere) Sunday from 9-12 we will be at a local park. 1-6 we will be at Uptown Yoga.
Register by March 29th

Cost $280 entire weekend. Includes manual and certificate.
I am now offering CE's for this course for massage therapist. This course is 14 CE's!!! There will be an extra $10 admin fee for CE's.

This is a great workshop for self growth as well as for those wishing to offer sessions or incorporate into other modalities. 

Kahi Loa is a type of healing art form, from the Hawaiian Islands (Kauai). As within the Hawaiian language, words have many meanings. Kahi Loa may be translated to mean “oneness through sacred energy” or “moving or flowing of life/energy”. Kahi Loa is very fluid with the practitioner moving their body and hands a majority of the session. It is an ancient form of vibrational energy movement, not to be confused with LomiLomi. Kahi Loa is done fully clothed, without the use of oils, and is a wonderful relaxing and energizing touch-based modality. Kahi Loa is simple to learn and powerfully filled with love.

The sessions help to bring the body and spirit into alignment through the assistance of the elements and natural world. The practitioner helps the client connect to the elements with various loving touches simulating the 7 elements (Fire, Wind, Water, Stone, Plant, Animal and Human/Ancestors). Unlike other modalities, Kahi Loa involves a story the practitioner weaves together to help the client visualize the elements of nature. Sometimes this story is spoken aloud to create a beautiful scene. Other times there may be just one word here and there to help the client focus. A session may also be performed in silence. Communing with nature and the elements is a large focus of the Kahi Loa sessions and trainings for both the giver and receiver. Ancient prayers in Hawaiian often begin and conclude the sessions for blessings and manifestations. Sound (our human voice) can carry energy vibrations for wellness and change. The Hawaiian language itself has magic within it as do the prayers (Hawaiian Pule).

Kahi Loa Saturday This course will include a discussion of the history and philosophy of Kahi Loa, the 7 Huna principles, and the history of Hawaii. Students will learn pikopiko (center to center breathing). We will practice Kahi (oneness) and Kaulike (balance) hand positions. A Hawaiian Blessing Ceremony will end the day.

Kahi Loa Sunday : In this course, we will practice the 7-element breathing and learn the chant for the 7 elements of Kahi Loa in English and Hawaiian. Students will learn all the hand movements for each element and will perform (give and receive) the 7-element Kahi Loa session several times.

Once students complete Level II they may choose to move onto adanced studies and the Master/Teacher level which is usually offered once a year in November.

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