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How can geometry and sound benefit your yoga practice? In this class, we will explore another layer of the onion and view our yoga practice with perhaps a new, but ancient filter. The intention of this class is to expand awareness of the microcosmic self in relation to the macrocosmic universe or simply, to deepen your connection to all that is within and without. 

Based on renown yogini Rama Jyoti Vernon’s lifetime compilation in Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry, we will synchronize every movement with the breath and emphasize the psychophysiological benefits and geometrical alignment of each pose. We will also briefly discuss sacred geometry in relationship to asana based on the yogic philosophy expressed by Vernon.

To start our gentle, meditative practice, Kamala will guide us in savasana in an effort to set the introspective and relaxing tone of the evening. During the sequence, we may use specific sounds to enliven the asana. We will end the session with a guided Sri Yantra meditation. 

If you have you ever wondered why you may spiral or sway in deep meditation, this is the class for you! As an added bonus, one luckily participant will receive a copy of The Teacher Appears: 108 Prompts to Power Your Yoga Practice by Brian Leaf.

$20   Appropriate for all levels.