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AN EVENING OF YOGA & REIKI with Lauren Hewton

Join us on Friday August 18th from 6:30 to 8:00PM for a special evening of Yoga and Reiki. Yoga, the union of breath and body, combined with the healing energy of Reiki, will allow you to find and hold space in the body, mind heart and soul.

This evening will include breath work, gentle movement and flowing energy.
These combined ancient healing practices will leave you feeling peaceful relaxed and complete.

The evening will start with a saging ceremony of our space and bodies as we gently relax and arrive on our mats. We will begin with pranayama and flow into a gentle Yin practice. Yin Yoga is a meditative approach to our practice, where postures are softly held, to help aid in releasing toxins, stresses and tension. These releases will help open and make space in the body. We will progress to a more Restorative practice , using our bolsters, blankets and blocks to gently support the body while we stretch even deeper, finding total relaxation.

As the body and mind relax and open the mind will expand. As Reiki is offered to each participant the energy in the room will increase and flow, allowing for the body and mind to heal where needed, open where needed and absorb the healing energy. Healing crystals and aromatherapy, combined with calming music and sound vibrations will make this experience complete.

Cost is $20 per person
Checking attending on this event page does not represent confirmation. Space is limited. Please sign up at Uptown Yoga, as all attendees go home with the Healing Crystal it helps to have a head count! Namaste and I hope to see you there!