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Learn of medically documented benefits of laughter while having fun!

According to Laughter Yoga University:
Laughter Yoga has been deemed ‘life-altering’ as it can reduce stress hormone cortisol levels and blood pressure while also boosting happy hormone. It is also cited as having overall positive psychological benefits to those with social anxiety and in troubled personal situations. 
On the surface it might appear very ‘silly’, but no one can deny that regular laughter can soothe most emotional ailments. So all one needs to do is to laugh to bring more joy into their lives…as the saying goes, ‘a day without laughter is a day wasted.’

Betsy Mercer, Certified Laugh-a Yoga� Instructor, 2013
Learn some laughter health benefits documented by over 350 clinical studies.
Presentations: Cancer Transitions, Carteret General Hospital; Leukemia and Lymphoma Support Group; Spirit of Hope for Cancer Support; Ready, Set, Laugh presentations for Summer Reading program, Bogue Banks Library; Happy Hours, Momentum Yoga Studio.

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