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CREATING YOUR PATH FOR 2018 with Lauren Hewton

     Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? Do you often wonder how to reach your dreams, your goals? Vision Boards are tools that we use to manifest our dreams and desires.
     Vision boards, also referred to as dream boards, are a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focused on a specific life goal. A vision board can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish! We use these boards to display images which represent what ever we want to be, do or have. Emotions are the vibrational energy that activate the Law of Attraction. When you visualize, you emit powerful frequency to the Universe. We then place our completed boards in a place that we see daily, to keep those affirmations fresh on the mind, and in the subconscious.
     Snacks and an herbal tea bar will keep the energy light & happy as we look through old magazines, books and other materials to help with our collages, using this time to put your thoughts into a visual product that will keep you motivated & focused throughout the year.
     After completing our boards, we will gather together and share, if interested, our dreams for our future! I hope you will join us on this day and begin to create your 2018!
~Cost is $25.00 and includes all materials!
Although we love to see in this event those that are interested, if attending, please register at to reserve your spot and to help us know how many to prepare for! Thank you.