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Spring Renewal! Bind to Unwind & Roll to Restore! with Dawn Kurtz

Dawn is back! With a brand new twist!
Join us on Sunday, April 29th from 1-3 pm! 
Bind to Unwind & Roll to Restore!

In this 2 hour workshop will use several props which will be provided to deepen your practice and detoxify the body exploring twists and binds.
The first 80 minutes will focus on moving into poses with the help of Mama Kuka loops. Mama Kuka’s YogaSphere provide various lengths of loops to “bridge the gap” so we can deepen our twists and binds with free mobility of all extremities.
Twists and binds in yoga increase circulation, release tension and rotate the muscles in the back to restore the spine’s natural range of motion. Students can expect to twist, bind and revolve in poses like lotus, noose, crescent lunge, one legged king pigeon and bird of paradise.

We will conclude the last 40 minutes of this workshop with restorative poses using a Dharma Yoga Wheel. This portion of the workshop will enhance flexibility, relax the body, balance the nervous system and improve your balance.
All props provided for participants.
**All students interested MUST PRE-REGISTER no later than Wednesday, April 25th. Space is limited! Register early to guarantee your spot! Register at