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An Evening of Yoga & Reiki

  • Uptown Yoga Welness & Massage 4915- I Arendell Street Morehead City, NC 28557 (map)

Join us for another special evening of yoga and Reiki. Yoga, the union of breath & body, combined with the healing energy of Reiki, brings about a sense of peace in the heart and relaxation of the body. Reiki, also known as "Universal Energy", is a Japanese technique that helps in restoring balance to the energetic body. Reiki, breaks down as "Rei", meaning universal, and "ki" means energy. This ancient healing modality is rooted in Tibetan Buddism. When these practices are combined, it allows for a greater opening of the body & mind, allowing for this energy to flow gracefully. 💙

Our evening starts with an herbal smudging as we begin to center and arrive on our mats. Healing crystals will be placed in grids around the room, bringing their energies to the space as well. We then begin a gentle Yin yoga practice as our bodies open and release tensions, fatigue, and stress. Yin yoga is that meditative approach to the practice, where we work our navel and below, with softly held poses, opening and releasing where needed. As our bodies and minds release, this divine energy goes where needed in the body to heal, relax, and renew. 💙 

Finally we settle into a sweet supported savassana while Reiki is offered individually to each participant. This evening will leave you feeling completely restored and renewed. All participants go home with a healing crystal. 💙

Please join us in this magical evening of love, light, and divine healing energy. 💙

Cost is $20.00 per person and reservations on the our website is greatly appreciated 💙