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STONES LEVEL I: Intro to 21 Gemstones for the 21st Century with Amanda Todd, PhD

This is part of a series focusing on the Stone World: It is recommended that you take 1-5 in order but not required if you have previous experience. This series has been taught for 5 years throughout the state......its great for beginners or experienced crystal works. It builds the foundation to Crystal and Stones Energy Work and Vision Quests to prominent geologic formations.

Cost $40 (paypal link on website at

After the facts and information about the stones have been presented from Level 1 held in February (or your own background experience), we will discuss the various ways to incorporate gemstones into everyday lives and how we can co-create with the mineral kingdom through altars, layouts, and grids. We will learn basic terminology and what gemstones and crystals refer to. Students will spend time learning with various types/shapes/sizes of quartz crystal pieces and gemstone. Students will create a gemstone layout during class and experience various crystal layouts first-hand. We will also discuss and create a crystal grid. Students will also learn how to clear (clean), store, and what to look for when buying different types of gemstones.

Finally we will be exploring the stone world in more depth and on a personal level at the end of the day. Stones do "speak" and often have messages for us individually or collectively if we listen. Students will practice connecting with several different stone spirits through meditation. The various ways in which they communicate with us will be discussed. The 42+ gemstones presented earlier will be available for communicating with during the class. We will also perform Shamanic picture casting using river rocks for divination purposes. This course is more un-structured, personal, and experiential.

Meditation experience is not required. Students will receive a stone to take home.