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REIKI II with Amanda Todd, PhD

Reiki, “Universal Energy”, is an ancient energy modality. Amanda carries forward the Reiki philosophy based upon Mikao Usui’s system of natural healing- Usui Reiki Ryoho. There are variations in different lineages as teachers throughout the decades have incorporated their own wisdom and/or other experiences. Previous master/teachers in this lineage for this training were rooted in Tibetan Buddhism so there are additional things integrated from them not seen in strict Usui-Reiki lineages. 

Mikao Usui, a Buddhist, rediscovered this method in the late 1800’s. Reiki may be used to promote relaxation and wellness and it is not a religion although various aspects of Buddhism and Shintoism are discussed. Students learn how to sense and feel energy within their own bodies and surroundings.

Many students attend the trainings for personal growth and some do desire to offer sessions and serve others with the teachings. This method is hands-on and performed fully clothed. Students learn various hand holds at power centers (similiar to chakras) on the body, they learn important symbols, participate in ceremonies and attunements for each level.

Level 1 Reiki Saturday 12-6pm
Cost $111 includes manual and certificate
*Learn the foundations of Reiki, "Universal Energy"
*Discuss the history & philosophy of the Usui Reiki Ryoho method
*Learn & practice hand positions for sessions

Level 2*** Reiki Sunday 10-6pm
Cost $175 includes manual (see note below for certificate)
*Learn the 3 symbols used for power, mental/emotional, and distant Reiki
*Review hand positions from Level I
*Practice symbols & hand positions for sessions

*If you register for Level I and II for the weekend cost is $245. Includes manual. Must register by January 11th for discount.
***Must have had Reiki I prior to Reiki II. In order to receive your certification for Level II, documented sessions must be completed and discussed with Amanda within a three month time frame. 
Call 336-337-0223 to register or visit Space is limited to 6.