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CO-CREATING YOUR LIFE FROM YOUR HEART: Personal Mission Statements & Vision Boards with Amanda Todd, PhD


2017 (numerology year beginnings all around!)

I realize this is "late" in the month for a vision board class....but it falls on a New moon, which is known to amplify manifestation of new things YOU want to create. 

This workshop aims at helping you discover the magic you have within your heart to offer the world. This is not a typical cut and paste vision board activity (we all can do that at home, free!!!). If you are ready for more, know there is more to your purpose here and you are ready to explore deeper with others I hope you will join us.

The structure of this class is to help awaken more of who you are..your authentic self in service on this beautiful Earth. Seeds will be planted during our time together so new things can grow for you this year.

*explore your abilities, favorite tasks, skills, visions, and past experiences that have helped to create the unique you.
*practicipate in a guided meditation to connect with an aspect of you ready to emerge from your heart in 2017
*create of a personal mission statement for your 3D (day job) reality as well as your 5D (wholeness, multidimensionaltiy) reality of service.
*discussion of multidemsionality and what the heck 3D and 5D means.
*create a beautiful vision board to focus your intentions on what you want to create for the new year, a 1 year of new beginnings.

This is a great class to get you thinking about what you want to co-create for yourself, your community, and the world in 2017!

Cost $25 (includes supplies)*
If you register early by emailing me (I'll send you an invoice). Once I receive payment, I'll email out weekly things for you to work on/think about before class.

Suggested readings:
5 Wishes by Gay Hendricks
Spiritual Growth Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Ramon
A New Earth/The Power of Now with Eckhart Tolle